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100 Steamship Bay Rd. Gravenhurst, ON

Pets Safety is NUMBER #1 for A Touch of Love® Inc.


We apologize for any inconvenience however we had to vacate the premise known as 100 Steam Ship Bay Rd., at the Gravenhurst Wharf due to a fire code that was required.

The issue stems from the need for the landlord/owner of the building to secure a building permit and to bring the building up to code for occupancy in the basement area.  When the original structure was built it was designed for temporary use and as such the basement was left as a foundation only with storage being the prime function of the space.  When the building began being open to the general public the use of the building changed and therefore the use of space in the basement changed, resulting in the need for some additional work to be done to make the space safe for the public.

The Landlord/Owner Mr. Vito Froio of Como Properties challenged the town of Gravenhurst since December of 2010.

A Touch of Love® understood that a sprinkler system and fire doors were required after an inspection of the property in 2010 from the Fire Inspector.

Since the landlord Mr. Vito Froio of Como Properties and his legal counsel Damir Vrancic continued to challenge the Town of Gravenhurst and refused communications with the Corporation A Touch of Love® Inc. due to our Franchisee Elsa Chau a.k.a. Elsa Ka Yee Chau or 6721249 Canada Inc., a franchisee of A Touch of Love® Inc. who was mistakenly the only person on the lease we were unable to secure the premise nor a lease.

The franchisee Elsa Chau suffered a debilitating illness where she was no longer to carry on her responsibilities at the location and the landlord/owner Mr. Vito Froio and his legal counsel Mr. Damir Vrancic took hold of this opportunity so they were no longer responsible for bringing the premise up to code.

We had no other choice for the safety of our pets, personnel and customers to vacate the property. This was the only responsible action to take because if a fire did break out and this matter was not resolved we would be held responsible and the insurance would be null and void.

This property you will find to be occupied by a real-estate organization and this is because they are not using the lower level and is back as classified as a temporary use.

We sincerely appreciate everyone’s support and please follow-up with our Reality/Documentary Series due to air in late October including this issue.

If you need to reach us for further information please do not hesitate by calling the A Touch of Love  Head Office at 705-687-4444.

If you wish to see the Order to Comply sent by the Town of Gravenhurst and ignored by the Landlord/Owner Vito Froio please email us at
Please email us your comments on this issue.

Your Friends,
Carl n Shane
A Touch of Love® Inc.
Email: info@atouchoflove.ca
website: www.atouchoflove.ca