Pet Spray / Pet Deodorizer : Pet Refresh Fragrances

Pet Spray / Pet DeodorizerWhen You Don’t Have Time For A Full Pet Grooming Treatment, Skip The Bath And Go Directly For Our Pet Spray / Pet Deodorizer

We’ve created a sensitive formula of scents that both pets and parents love! Perfect for when unexpected guests drop by, and there’s no time for a full Spaw treatment. Skip the bathe and go directly to Pet Refresh! Pet and parent both will appreciate the refreshing benefits. We have an assortment of refreshing scents for every occasion: from relaxing by the fire, to fetching that favorite ball. Romance or paw stomping occasions, we have a fragrance to match!
Caution: May attract stray pets from surrounding areas.

Spaw Directions: Please cover your pet’s eyes when misting.

Price: $7.75

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