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Luna - Should she be de-barked surgerically? Nadia Bongelli – pet owner of Luna asks:
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“I have a one year old miniature poodle that I adopted from an animal rescue. From the first day that I brought her home there was something different about her?
She was, and still is a very nervous dog.
I am not sure of the abuse she was forced to succumb too before I adopted her?
I am sure it is to blame for her issues of barking.
Even in the comfort of her own home, she is always by my side, refusing to stay away from me for only moments.
If she is unsure of where I am, she will run through the condo barking, and urinating as she frantically searches for me.
I have been to several dog trainers who have told me that she has a mental problem that “they cannot help me!”

I love my Luna soooo much and she loves me even more! I’ve tried everything on the market! Sadly, I’m considering de-barking her.
Can you please give us your opinion?
I may be kicked out of my condo and my neighbors refuse to speak to us now. We think the condo corporation is going to force us to move.

My friends and family have requested that I give up Luna to someone else or have her de-barked. I remember hearing about de-barking a pet, and my first reaction was “How Cruel!”

Now I am in a position I understand more and I would be doing this for the love of Luna. Am I NOT a responsible pet owner? I have explored and attempted every training method to no avail!

I wouldn’t be making this decision for my own satisfaction, but I am doing what I have to do for the love of Luna. Luna is my best friend and I will “NOT ABONDONE” her like she was abandoned before, I will only do what I feel is best for her and our life together.

Although I have NOT made up my mind yet, about which route we will take next?
I will make my decision with my friends’ (Luna’s) best interests in mind and we will go down that road together.”


A Touch of Love® Answer:

In today’s society there are so many cases of this as houses are becoming tall sky scrapers of condo homes. WE need to respect our neighbors and just not give up on Luna who you love so much.

Thanks for your question Nadia. Shane and I had a similar problem with our Schnauzer Angel.

The first year of her life she continuously barked at everyone and anyone. Angel was always by my side and it was liked she was attached at my hip. Where I go Angel Goes!
I love her so much, and I have to admit that friends who came to visit would leave  shortly after because they could not handle all the barking in the background.
Angel would hide under the bed where I could not reach her and she just kept barking until the people left our home.

Luckily her first and few years of life were at our Muskoka home where we own a 1.5 acre property on the lake. The neighbors’ are not close by, nor did we have neighbor’s complaints.

Over the years of being in our business we have met pets that were de-barked. Instead of a loud bark that comes out of them it sounds more like a cough.

Carl notes:
I was considering the same procedure, or giving her to someone that may better control the matter.
But I thought if I can’t handle the barking and I’m in the Pet Industry who else possibly could have handled the persistent barking of my little girl.

I felt that if I gave her to anyone else?
She may become abused and her spirit broken from her inappropriate behavior with others.
I loved her too much and I would constantly worry about her if I gave her up.

I came to realize that this was her little personality and I needed to accept Angel for who and what she was. I just dealt with it, and kept apologizing for my Angels’ behavior. She came first to me, and if someone didn’t like it than they could leave.

Angel is now 9 years old as of Sept. 09. Her barking is very mild to others, and far from what I endured during her first year and probably up to about 5 years of age.

Your situation is different because I live in a house. You live in a Condo and might have to move.

I really want Dr. Danny’s opinion on this and we look forward to any comments that our readers may have on this issue.

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